Autofy Net Print Respirator Face Mask (Black, Freesize)

Autofy Net Print Respirator Face Mask (Black, Freesize)

    MRP : 299 Rs

    Previous Price : 63 Rs

    Current Price : 63 Rs

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    Best mask to fight pollution, dust, cold, heavy wind breeze and from preventing other particulate matter
    Best suited for all outdoor and indoor activities like bike riding, highway driving, mountain driving, sports activities, trekking, cycling etc
    The easy velcro mechanism makes it a very easy task to wear and take out
    It comes with breathing holes and a vent to maintain and balance the air flow
    A very unique feature is the neck veil which gives complete neck protection against cold, dust etc
    The non-woven light material is an all weather fabric cutting UV rays, wind, heat, cold etc
    Can be used at any place like office, workplace, home, outside etc
    The comfortable and light weight design allows it to fold and fit inside pocket when not in use


Price Histroy:
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62 90 Hrs Ago

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